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Resources in Matthews, NC

Matthews is ideally one of the best towns to reside or visit in North Carolina. It is one of the fast-developing suburbs in North Carolina. If you have been considering visiting or relocating to a more fun and peaceful community, Matthews might be an excellent option.

With the vast resources and development operations embedded in Matthews, it has become a more conducive haven for individuals and their families. Living in Matthews has many advantages, including business opportunities and other similar economic opportunities.

As an orthodontic practice in Matthews, NC, SP Orthodontics has drafted a list of resources in Matthews, NC, that could make you enjoy your stay. Our center of focus includes education, arts and culture, dining, dental services, and more.

Let’s dive into getting acquainted with the best of Matthews, NC, by beginning with its history.

History of Matthews, NC

Whether you are a native or tourist, it will interest you to know that Matthews has a rich and exciting history. Its development from being a small settlement to becoming a modern commercial district in the United States is worth knowing. 

Matthews is a town in southern Mecklenburg County of North Carolina that has seen three historical changes. It was once a thriving woodland whose founders were farmers who saw the woodland as fertile ground for planting cotton. To grow cotton, the people had to cut down the woods, which left large amounts of tree stumps littering the area.

The presence of the stumps earned the village its unofficial name Stumptown. Years later, the community name was unofficially changed to Fullwood. This resulted from the community having its own post office with John Miles Fullwood as the area postmaster. The letters coming into the community were addressed to Fullwood station.

Finally, in 1875, the town had its official name, Matthews. The name Matthews was given in honor of Edward Matthews, the director of the Carolina Central Railroad. Ever since then, the town has seen rapid development and civilization. 

Matthews is committed to enhancing its residents’ and guests’ cultural, economic, health, educational, and social needs.

Top Resources in Matthews

The town of Matthews boasts of a variety of resources across its environment. It’s an area open to great activities, not limited to sports, arts, shopping, and adventure. The resources in Matthews are essential to improve your lifestyle and create a favorable stay in the town. 

There’s so much engagement to experience in Matthews, NC. The design of the town is so functional that it lets you experience outdoor adventures within the city.

Many resources in the area help you optimize and enhance your day-to-day operations. However, you can only harness and utilize these resources if you engage them effectively.

Some resources and activities that abound in Matthews include:

Charlotte Mecklenburg Library in Matthews, NC

How to Utilize Resources in Matthews, NC

Educational Resources

Educational resources are among the essential resources required in any city. These resources are set in place to improve education and educational processes in the economy. For instance, Socrates Academy helps kids train and develop from their childhood through ninth grade.

The Charlotte Mecklenburg Library is open to every individual residing in the city area. People within the community can access their library and utilize corporate or personal research resources. 

Arts and Cultural Resources

The Town of Matthews is home to the arts, cultural centers, and a Cultural Resource Department dedicated to adding aesthetics to parks and public spaces with art. The town is surrounded by public artwork, including murals and sculptures that are beautiful to behold and for taking quick snapshots. 

The McDowell Arts Center hosts a variety of art classes and artist workshops in its 2-room gallery space upstairs and studio/classroom space downstairs. You can enroll in programs or schedule to display your features at the center.

McDowell Arts Center in Matthews, NC

Dining and Shopping

The Town of Matthews offers a fantastic selection of restaurants and shopping areas. If you’re looking for diners in the area, here are some of the popular food hubs that most people patronize in Matthews:

In addition, if you’re looking for shopping malls in the area where you can get groceries, clothes, kids items, and some other household goods, here are a couple of popular shopping centers to check out. 

Brakeman’s Coffee & Supply in Matthews, NC

Area Attractions

Places like the Four Mile Creek Greenway, which connects downtown Matthews with Squirrel Lake Park, provide unique sight experiences. You also get to listen to the sounds of nature as you walk through the tree-lined trails and wetland areas.

Another area attraction is Stumptown Park. The park is great for an afternoon picnic or a family night out. Enjoy the public volleyball courts, a playground, open fields, and space for outdoor grilling and picnics the park has to offer.

Athletic Resources

Some resources in Matthews can help you engage in bodily and fun activities. For instance, you can flex your muscles at Inner Peaks Climbing Center. It has a 25-foot climbing surface and 28 rope stations to exercise your cardiovascular system. There’s also a fitness center where you can stretch your muscles before beginning a climbing session. 

Orthodontist in Matthews, NC

Oral Health Care in Matthews

The town of Matthews has dental resources to care for your oral and overall health. Come in for orthodontic treatments in Matthews, NC, to straighten your teeth at SP Orthodontics. Our orthodontists will provide you with the most incredible dental experience to improve the appearance of your smile. Please schedule an appointment with us today.

There are many resources to help you get by when you reside or visit the town of Matthews. Check out our article on things to do in Matthews, NC, to enable you to have a wonderful time in the town.

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