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At SP Orthodontics, we’re committed to serving the residents in Matthews near Indian Trail, Weddington, and Stallings, NC. Contact us for comfortable and high-quality braces and Invisalign today!

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Our orthodontists are never too busy to ease your concerns! You’re important to us and we will always be glad to treat your oral health needs.

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Reliable and Affordable Invisalign and Braces in Matthews, NC

At SP Orthodontics, we offer quality and affordable orthodontic treatments that provide you with personalized, professional orthodontic services in a stress-free and comfortable setting.

Our Orthodontic Procedures in Matthews, NC

Affordable Orthodontic Treatment for Children, Teens and Adults

At SP Orthodontics, we begin our orthodontic care by creating a personalized orthodontic treatment plan for you. Our orthodontists combine years of experience with extensive knowledge of teeth and jaw alignment, movement, and growth when handling an orthodontic problem

We believe that orthodontics is about more than just reshaping your teeth. It’s also about creating healthy and beautiful smiles for children, teens, and adults in a tranquil and aesthetic environment, which we achieve by providing clear braces, Invisalign First, orthognathic surgery, traditional braces, orthodontic retainers, and more.  

As part of our orthodontic services, we also offer orthodontic treatments for children and teens to help them align and reshape their growing teeth. Feel free to contact us for orthodontic treatments today.

Our orthodontic procedures include:



We use smaller and slightly visible braces in Matthews, NC to align crowded and crooked teeth. Our metal braces are customized uniquely for you from fewer materials that are less irritating to your gums when worn. In addition, they’re also easier to clean.



Invisalign is a great alternative to metal braces if you desire less conspicuous orthodontic treatment. At SP Orthodontics, we use Invisalign to conveniently correct dental misalignment, bite issues, and many more orthodontic issues.



Orthodontic retainers are custom-made devices that help you hold your straightened teeth in position after orthodontic treatment. Retainers are usually made of plastic or metal pieces worn to preserve your newly straightened teeth.



To help you achieve a straight and perfect smile, we provide convenient, comfortable, and personalized orthodontic care. We value your comfort, and we want you to have a wonderful orthodontic experience while we work to correct your dental misalignments.

Before straightening your teeth, our orthodontists will begin with an initial assessment of your oral health. This usually includes an oral examination of your teeth, jaws, and your entire mouth. Afterward, an individualized treatment plan will be specially designed for you.

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Our Mission

At SP Orthodontics, our priority is to help you straighten your smile through personalized orthodontic treatment plans that are custom-made to suit your specific orthodontic needs. We deliver residents in Matthews near Indian Trail, Weddington, and Stallings, NC the best and most advanced orthodontic treatments such as Invisalign, ceramic braces, and retainers to achieve their dental care goals.

Why Choose Us

Our dental team of orthodontists and orthodontic specialists is family-oriented, friendly, and easy to work with. We love forming long-term relationships with our patients and their families. That's why we do everything we can to ensure our patients receive the best possible care every time they schedule an appointment. In addition, providing comfortable and convenient orthodontic care is what we do, and we’re proud to serve every family’s orthodontic needs.


Our orthodontists will work with you to provide flexible payment plans for braces and Invisalign in Matthews, NC. We also offer numerous payment options for other orthodontic treatments such as retainers, orthognathic surgeries, and many more procedures. 

We accept low-down payments and offer a variety of payment options. In addition, we will help you check your dental insurance to see if you are eligible for coverage for orthodontic benefits. 

As part of our commitment to providing you with quality orthodontic dental services, we will also assist you in filling out all necessary paperwork and designing a flexible financial plan that suits you. Feel free to discuss your payment plans with our orthodontists in Matthews near Indian Trail, Weddington, and Stallings, NC today!


The cost of braces in Matthews, NC is usually determined by the type of braces you’re getting and the complexity of your treatment. You can expect to pay anywhere from $3000 to more than $10,000 in most cases.

Typically, clear braces such as Invisalign may cost a little more than traditional metal braces. Fortunately, we offer several flexible payment options and payment plans to make everything convenient for you. Feel free to schedule an appointment with us so we can assess your condition and design a treatment that’s unique for you.

In most cases, and depending on your dental alignment needs, you should expect to pay anywhere from $3000 to more than $10,000 without insurance.

Orthodontists are specially trained to straighten teeth. General dentists, on the other hand, are best suited for just helping you to maintain your overall health by treating tooth decay, gum disease, and more. Orthodontists can help you fix misaligned teeth, overbite, underbite, crossbite, crowded teeth, and lots more by using a variety of treatment options that general dentists do not have experience with.

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