Get a beautiful and straight smile with ease. Eliminate orthodontic treatment-related discomfort with Invisalign from our orthodontists in Matthews near Weddington and Stallings, NC.

Invisalign – also known as clear aligners – has become the modern-day option for many patients who want to realign or straighten their teeth. This is because Invisalign braces are transparent, easy to use, and inconspicuous, unlike traditional metal braces that are visible and sometimes uncomfortable.  

We provide Invisalign Matthews, NC can count on for effective and inconspicuous teeth straightening. With our clear aligners, we guarantee that you’ll receive a comfortable, effective, and easy-to-use teeth straightening solution. 

At SP Orthodontics, we know that it can take some time to reshape misshapen or crooked teeth. The last thing you want is to wear braces constantly. Thankfully, we provide Invisalign clear aligners in Matthews that are removable. That means you can brush, floss, eat, and drink as you normally would without feeling overwhelmed.

As long as you wear your aligner trays for the recommended amount of time each day, you can expect the same results that you’d get with traditional braces.  Our Invisalign clear aligners are custom-made and lightweight,  designed to fit perfectly over your teeth when you wear them. With Invisalign, you don’t have to worry about going back to your orthodontist’s office to fix the metal brackets and wires on your braces.


Orthodontic problems can occur in children at a very young age. Unfortunately, parents often ignore these problems until they become more evident and complicated.

Did you know that children as young as 6 years old can begin orthodontic treatment to help correct their developing conditions? When orthodontic issues are corrected early, it’s easier to prevent dental problems that require more expensive procedures down the road. Our orthodontists in Matthews, near Weddington and Stallings, call this type of treatment “Phase 1 treatment.” 

One of the Phase 1 treatments our orthodontists use to resolve orthodontic conditions in children is Invisalign First. With Invisalign First, we can address your growing child’s unique dental needs and provide the results every parent wants to see. 


Our orthodontists are available for orthodontic appointments to carefully examine patients’ mouths to provide the best orthodontic treatments for their specific conditions in a convenient and personalized way.  

As part of our mission to quickly and conveniently correct dental misalignments, we use clear aligners for various dental corrections. Some of the common orthodontic conditions we correct using Invisalign treatment in Matthews, near Weddington and Stallings include:

        • Crooked Teeth
        • Gap Teeth
        • Open Bite
        • Crowded Teeth
        • Bite Issues (Overbite, Crossbite, Underbite)


Many patients use clear aligners or Invisalign for ease of use and comfort. The benefits of using Invisalign include:
  • Clear plastic that is suitable for discreet smile correction

  • Removability for eating, drinking, and oral hygiene regimen

  • Comfortable material that does not irritate the gums or cheeks

  • Easy-to-clean design

  • Fewer consultations or orthodontic office visits than traditional braces

  • Corrects crossbites, underbites, overbites, crowding, and spacing

Your smile and overall dental health are our priority when it comes to any of our orthodontic services in Matthews, near Weddington, and Stallings, NC. Our mission is to ensure that you get the brightness and confidence in your smile that you deserve easily and conveniently by using the Invisalign Matthews, NC trusts. 


Have you ever wondered how Invisalign helps people achieve those picture-perfect smiles without the noticeable appearance and discomfort of traditional braces? It’s all about clear, custom-made aligners. Think of them as almost invisible caps for your teeth.

Made just for you, your Invisalign clear aligners gently nudge your teeth into the desired position as you wear them. You’ll switch to a new set of aligners every 1-2 weeks, and with each change, you’ll see your teeth getting straighter.

As this transition happens, something remarkable occurs beneath the surface: the bone surrounding your teeth adjusts and remodels in response to the movement, further stabilizing your teeth in their new positions. And the best part? Most people won’t even notice you’re undergoing an orthodontic treatment. Before you know it, you’ll be flashing a confident and beautifully straight, harmonious smile!


At SP Orthodontics, we provide Invisalign in Matthews, NC can count on for effective and inconspicuous teeth straightening. To enjoy the benefits of our Invisalign treatment and transition from your first consultation all the way to a beautifully aligned new smile, follow our simple steps below: 

Step 1: Schedule a consultation for Invisalign treatment with our orthodontists at our orthodontic office in Matthews, near Weddington and Stallings, NC, by calling 704-594-7171 or filling out our contact form, and we will contact you promptly. You can also book an appointment directly using the widget that pops up after submitting the contact form.

Step 2: Attend your consultation, which will last 1 hour. This session is entirely free, and there will be no charge to your insurance or any out-of-pocket expenses. During this session, we’ll capture images of your teeth and conduct necessary X-rays. Dr. Neal Patel or Dr. Bhaven Sayania will then sit down with you to discuss your potential clear aligner needs and answer any questions you may have.

Step 3: At the end of your consultation appointment, your Treatment Coordinator will review the cost of treatment, including any insurance benefits you may have. 

Step 4: If you’re ready to move forward, we will initiate the design and manufacturing process for clear aligners and set you on the path to a beautifully straight smile.

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